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Greetings from Wise Church! Our aim is to help churches to create their own rock-solid and blazing fast website. We do believe that you deserves the best WordPress theme to spread the gospel for all mankind.

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Dr. John Pepper Senior Pastor
"Glory to God! Our site is created to spread the gospel of Christ throughout the world."
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What we believe?

We believe in the existence of God and His Holy Word to be the foundation of our faith. It shall not be moved nor be compromised.

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Services & Location

Atlanta, GA 30338, USA
Sunday Morning (8:15-12:00 AM)
Sunday Afternoon (4:00-6:00 AM)
Wednesday (8:00-9:00 PM)

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Watch Live

By God's grace, we are glad to deliver an online live streaming services just for you. Join us by watching live every Sunday and Wednesday.

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Bread of Life

Eternity in Hell

by “daughter of the Cross”

The souls there had to pass through these layers of fire where they are burnt, everything that was made and given to a soul by God is removed by these fires.

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Bread of Life

The Power of Praise

by Richard Selvey

The power of Praise always depends on the Grace of God and the belief of the person/community that God will come through.

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Bread of Life

From a Devotee to a Disciple

by Colin Calmiano

Jesus is not calling us to become devotees or just to follow Him for a while. Jesus is calling everyone to become His disciples.

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