Lent day 13 reflection – 01 March 2021

by Donn D’souza

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Today we continue to look at the event of the Transfiguration. The word ‘Transfiguration’ means a complete change of form into something more beautiful.

It literally means that the person who undergoes Transfiguration cannot be recognised.

When Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain, it was so that they can surrender themselves to him completely, by putting their complete faith in him. And the result would be that just as Jesus transfigured before them, they would be transfigured with him in the course of time.

This process is initiated by God, the time decided by God and the means decided by God. As we surrender today to God he begins to take us up the mountain to transfigure us into himself.

And this entire process starts with one action – Prayer!

Prayer is the response to God’s call for transfiguration.
Prayer is the initiation into the divine life of Jesus.
Prayer is the invitation into a deeper relationship with Jesus.
It just needs one act from us, to sit with Jesus and make that one, intimate prayer to him, and you will see – his answer will be immediate!

What an amazing calling it is to be invited by Jesus up to the mountain. He’s calling us right now!

Have a blessed and Jesus-filled day.

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