Lent day 19 reflection – 07 March 2021

by Donn D’souza

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Today we look at what Jesus has to say to us through the Samaritan woman. In the gospel, Jesus speaks to her and asks her for a drink of water. And then in turn tells her that if she would ask Him, He would give her living water.

My dear brothers and sisters, Jesus asks us for whatever we can give Him so that in turn he can give us greater things. In this case He offers her Himself.

The critical part for us to understand here is that when Jesus offers us living water, then no other water tastes so good. Nothing else compares to what Jesus offers us.

Why is it then that we keep drinking from the waters of the world? It’s maybe because the waters of the world are more attractive and accessible… It’s easier to lie than to hold on to the truth. It’s easier to hurt someone rather than bear the hurt. It’s easier to  gossip and slander than to say good things about people. It’s easier to go after money than to wait upon Jesus.

Today the Lord calls us, in order to fill us.

Not with ordinary things, but with living water. Drinking from Jesus the fountain of living water means that the world cannot attract you with money. It cannot distract you with a buy-one-get-one-free offer. It cannot pervert your ways of thinking. Jesus, the living water will ensure that you never thirst again.

Tell Him today, Jesus, Son of David, fill me with your living waters.

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