Bible Study for men

Details: Discover the remarkable story of the first Christians with the Bread of Life Men’s Bible Study Group. Our sessions begin with a time of worship, setting our hearts and minds in tune with God’s Presence.

Featured Sessions: Jeff Cavins’ insightful exploration of “Acts: The Spread of the Kingdom”. This video series illuminates how early believers, filled with the Holy Spirit, overcame immense challenges to spread the Gospel. It’s Not just history; it’s our story and our mission.

Group Discussion: Post-video, we delve into lively group discussions. Here, we connect the teachings to our lives, sharing insights and experiences. It’s a safe space to explore faith and grow together.

Note: This event is for registered participants only. As we journey through Acts, discover your role in God’s story and find fellowship and strength among brothers in faith.

Duration: 2 hours

Event Details

Start Date : 2024-04-20

End Date : 2024-04-20

Time : 10:00 am

Event Venue

Venue : Xavier Nilaya

Address : Richmond Town, Bangalore