Eternity in Hell


The subject of Hell is something that never really interests most people, especially us Christians since it is assumed as a reward for us for just being born as a Christian. And for many others, Hell is something fictional or does not even exist. As a Catholic, this was my assumption too. I never thought about life after death. It was more like a contract as a Christian to me; when I die, I will go straight to Heaven. Only few people, like those who were my enemies, who were really wicked, murderers and non-Christians were the ones who would go to Hell and all others who were good would go to Heaven.

The literal words of the Ten Commandments were like the ten golden rules which had to be followed. Regular Sunday or daily mass, catechism classes, rosaries, annual confessions, participating in the church activities, serving in the church, youth activities, singing in the church choir, even doing some social or charitable work; basically being a good person, was all that was needed for me to go to Heaven.

But somehow with all of these regular Christian ways, my life was still incomplete. Rather, there was no life. I did what I saw people around me doing; I sought what I saw people around me were seeking. I too searched and looked for love, joy, acceptance, peace and success. I went about looking for it in other people and things of the world that were not of God, not even realizing that I had forgotten God Himself in it, and had broken all of the first three Commandments and the rest of them in the course of time, and had moved away from God and the Church in search of love and acceptance in the world.

This path of self-destruction had only caused me so much pain and harm. I had lost all hope and reached the peak of depression that leads to death. But God in His mercy and love saw the misery in me and through a retreat, He touched me. This was my conversion, with His pure love and His acceptance.

Now I was saved and had a relationship with God. I found the love and acceptance I was looking for all along, in God. The assurance of Heaven was clearer to me now especially, since I was saved. This was also the message I heard mostly being spoken and preached around me. But as a few years went by journeying with God, there was this deception in me that, since I was following God (in my own understanding), praying, having spiritual gifts, even ministering, and had a certain relationship with God, I was better or holier than my other friends or family members who did not know God. My standard of examination moved from what God wanted of me or the holiness to be like Him to how much lesser were my sins compared to others.

There was also unforgiveness, indignation, pride, jealousy, contention and self-love that I had held on to secretly even in a relationship with God. Things continued the same way for a while till God again in His mercy and love for me, looking at my wretched state, showed me the truth about myself and began a complete transformation in me. One of such an experience during this transformation into love and truth unto Himself was God showing me Hell, and that if I desired to go to Heaven, the path was very very narrow and not many souls will reach it.

During one of the retreats, I saw a vision of myself with a group of friends carrying huge, heavy bags and walking through a place that looked like a desert, and suddenly there was a voice that spoke and said, “If you continue like this, you will go to Hell”. It was like a warning message for us through that vision. God had begun His transformation in me by this time, to save me from going to Hell, with the entire Truth of the Gospel. During the course of this retreat, God chose to show me Hell – The Eternity in Hell. The various torments of the millions of souls which are condemned to go to Hell. I do not know why God chose to show this to me, the least of all, because I know my misery, neither am I holy nor someone perfect. But because of His love, He chose to show it to me, to share what I was shown and to pray – for God’s mercy and for the conversion of souls.

The Pathway to Hell

Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it – (Mt 7:13)

This truly was the beginning of Hell. At first, God showed me Hell as one of the souls there. I was sent down in a crowd of many many souls who were on the path to enter into this particular gate which opened for them. The gate was so broad and wide that anyone could enter from anywhere and anyway they wanted.  A little away from the entrance of this gate was a huge closed door. The path to this door, although it looked straight from the gate, was chaotic, had many diversions and separations. Each soul took different diversions and reached the door.

The huge door opened and I along with the other souls entered in through this door and suddenly, the world outside closed as the door was shut. It was a dark enclosed space inside, like a tunnel. I immediately felt I could not breathe anymore and I felt suffocated with fear. The very breath of life given by God leaves the soul here (Gn 2:7). This is the first step towards Hell, the soul is removed of its breath and lives in an eternal state of breathlessness. The tunnel was dark and small, my eyes began to burn with the fumes that were coming from the front and there was pitch darkness. Many souls that were along with me could not be seen because of this darkness. I could see nothing, my heart started beating so fast in fear that fear engulfed me.

At this point, I could no longer hear the voice of God telling me – “Do not fear” (Is 41:10).

I wanted to go back, I did not want to continue along this path but there was no option of turning back as the space behind me closed. The pitch darkness in this tunnel did not allow me to see anything, but my senses became very active. I was engulfed with fear and was trembling and suddenly I screamed out of fear, begging God, “take me out of this place please, I am sorry, but please take me out of here”.

It was truly a place where repentance began but there was no hope. The walk inside the dark tunnel was very long. As I continued walking in that darkness, suddenly it looked like there was a lamp post at a far off distance. So I walked, when I almost reached the place where I thought the lamp post was, it would disappear and it seemed darker and the burning in the eyes, fear and repentance would increase.

This tunnel that takes the souls to the gates of Hell was 70 kms long. And this was where begins one’s path to Hell – Unforgiveness (Mt 18:21-22). As senses became more aware with fear, there was no longer a battle between good and evil that I could experience, because I could only feel evil around me. The battle for the soul was over. As I approached the end of the tunnel I could see layers of fire burning. From this point onwards God did not take me as one of the souls there, but I was present there spiritually in a form where only my eyes could see what was shown to me. No one could see me nor did anyone know I could see them.

At the end of the 70 km-long tunnel, there were layers of fire burning and there were seven such layers (Mt 18:21-22). The souls there had to pass through these layers of fire where they are burnt, everything that was made and given to a soul by God is removed by these fires (Mt 13:25-30). With the burning, the image of each of these souls changes and they are no more created in the image of God (Gn 1:26). Their body burns and melts and is transformed into mere bones with just flesh (Rm 8:18). At this point, not a drop of blood remains in the body of these souls as they are all burnt. After the fire, the souls enter into the gates of Hell, its outer courts.

Entrance into Hell

As the souls come out of these layers of fire, they are divided into three lines. Being burnt, every soul there now looks alike. There are neither different faces nor a separate identity for them. Every soul looks the same and the souls too see someone else as them. The pupils of the eyes too are melted away and their eyes are now fully black (Rm 11:10). Everything given to a soul by God is stripped away from the soul. Even the hair on the head are burnt in the fires (Lk 12:7). After this, all that a soul sees is darkness, as all that was light and of light (1 Jn 1:5) is removed from the soul. Satan does not have the power to create (Gn1:1), and since the souls were created by God (Ps 139:13), he removes all of their image and identity with hatred to change and transform them according to his likeness, with no distinction. Now after all this, the souls are lead to Satan himself who is seated on his throne. There each soul is judged by him.

There are three main counterfeit powers in Hell. Satan himself and two others of which, one was in the form of a person and the other was like a powerful spirit (Rev 19:20), they rule the Kingdom of Darkness (counterfeit trinity). There were also three other powerful forces, like dark satanic angels, who each serve the three main powers. There are 8,000 types of punishments and tortures that exist in hell for the souls. There is no sleep, no rest (Mt 11:28), the souls are weary and in eternal slavery and bondage. The only water in Hell is acid, from a burning black lake (Lk 16:24), the souls are parched throughout but cannot even drink it as it burns from the tongue (Pr 18:21) into the body. The only food in Hell is one’s own flesh, where the soul truly dies eating its own flesh, (Rm 8:18) the flesh which led it to sin [ (Gal 5:17, 19-21, 24) (Gal 6:8) (Jn 12:24) ]. Creation is unseen in Hell, there is neither day nor night, light, water, air, nature, sky, sun, star etc. Nothing created by God, only some weapons and equipment which were transformed by evil men (Satan’s mind), like chains, knives, things that can hurt and cause pain, were seen. There was also no wood but only something like metal. All this was still just the beginning of Hell.

The Outer Courts of Hell

The souls, as they now come out from the layers of burning fire, are divided into three different lines. Two heavy black gates open parallel in front of them and the souls here enter into the gates of Hell. This is the first part – the Outer Courts of Hell from where there is neither escape nor going back. The three lines now walk through a huge desert-like place with hills on either side. The souls climb and walk amidst these two hills towards Satan, the King in this Kingdom, where there was only order (without love) and no law (Jn 1:17), nor freedom (Gal 4:5). As the souls climb and walk, they see another hill ahead of them at a distance; this is the third hill behind which lies the inner courts of darkness. There, in front of this hill, they see a man sitting on his throne. As the souls assemble in front of him, the man on the throne changes into a beast, his true self.

Satan is now seated on his throne [Rev 20:4(c)] and has a black staff in his hand. The staff had something that looked like an eye on it with three sharp spontoon heads which are joined together at the centre. Once the souls have gathered in front of him, a feast begins, but this feast is only for the King there, the feast of Eternal Damnation. The souls have to worship this King [Rev 20:4(c)].

The souls are now presented one by one before Satan from the three lines. In the first line are souls which are condemned for sins from pride (pride of life), in the second line are souls whose sin were from lust of the flesh, and in the third line are souls whose sins were from lust of the eyes (1 Jn 2:16), (Mt 4:3-11). Although all souls looked alike, since all their God-given image was removed, Satan recognizes each soul with the record of their sins and the debt they owe him. Each lie, each sin and its consequences, each time a soul broke God’s law or commandment, is a debt it owes (Lev 24:20). Satan with the record of each soul judges it according to the debt it owes him. Now, since there is no Jesus and the Cross (The Lamb) who takes away the sins here for the soul (John 1:29), the soul itself will have to bear its accountability.

As the soul is judged, you see that the souls have to now go through what Jesus went through during His Passion eternally in Hell (Gal 3:13). The souls now understand the whole Truth as they are in evil and are not deceived anymore. The souls here are truly repentant and crave for someone to save them but they cannot be saved anymore (Jn3:16), (Heb 12:17).  The souls see Satan for the beast he is without deception. The souls are now at the hands of this King of Hatred in his Kingdom.

Once Satan judges each soul with the debt it owes him, the soul now becomes his slave and is judged punishment with an everlasting destruction (2 Thes 1:9), where the master takes the slaves into the darkness until it has paid its full debt which is eternity (Mt 5:26). After his judgement, Satan now gets up from his throne and walks to his right, towards a narrow passage that leads behind the third hill. The souls now have to carry their debt, the weight of (yolk and burden) their sins (not a cross) and follow him into the Inner Courts, the second part of Hell.

The Inner Courts of Hell

As the souls walk in through the passage, another black gate opens. As the souls enter into this gate, there is a still Black Lake which is fuming.  From a distance, when the souls see the lake, it has a reflection of the setting sun on it. The souls look and begin to admire this reflection of the sun, they are happy to see something of God for an instant, but as they walk closer the reflection of the setting sun disappears from the black lake and they see that it was only flames of fire that were coming from under the lake that made it look like the sun. Suddenly even the flame of fire vanishes into the lake and they see only a pitch black fuming lake.

This pitch black fuming lake consists of various diseases, filth, illnesses, infections, vomit, bile, stones of sulphur, acid etc. and has been burning for ages and is still burning from the fire below it. The lake already had some souls in it too (Rev 20:13-14). All the souls have to now pass through this lake and get to the other side. The souls are thrown by the powers of hell into the lake and they are screaming and screeching from the pain of being burnt in this lake. This lake also pulls some souls into it and these souls are left burning under this lake timelessly. The other souls, seeing that some get drowned, begin to push, pull and trample other souls so that they can get out of it first. The souls now have to swim across this wide lake to get to the other side. The weeping and gnashing of their teeth begins here at this lake (Mt 13:42). Weeping and wailing because of the torturous pain they go through, and gnashing of teeth due to the pain and fear of being one of the souls sucked into and not being able to get out of this lake. Various sicknesses, infections and diseases from the lake get stuck on to the souls (contrary to Jn 5:1).

Some souls manage to get out of the lake, it takes a very long time; sometimes days or months or years, one does not know, since there is no time in Hell. As they manage to get out of the lake, each soul is marked with a seal by one of the three dark angels that assist the three main powers, by what looked like an iron rod. These three dark forces are each in charge of one of the three lines of condemned souls. The seal on the souls is the mark of their eternal damnation; the physical mark given by Satan to them that they are now his and not God’s (Jn 1:3). Now the souls have the image of only the mark of a slave. After they have received this mark, the souls are taken in three separate directions based on the three separate lines of sins they were condemned for and handed over to the three dark angel-like forces.

The line of souls condemned with lust of the eyes moves towards the left after the lake, the line of souls with the lust of flesh travels towards the right and the souls with the sin of pride continue straight after the lake. The souls now walk ahead for miles in a barren desert-like place with scourging heat like they are carrying something very heavy, that they can barely walk. Although they were not carrying something physically, they were burdened carrying their debt – the weight of their sins (Heb 12:1a) with their seals. After walking for miles, the souls enter (all three lines in separate places in separate directions) into a broad gate, which takes them underground. This gate leads the souls to a stairway that goes underground, which is the innermost part (the third part) of Hell.

The Interior Cells

The gate, though it looked broad on the outside, after you enter it, is very narrow. There were scorching red and sharp metal rods on either side of the walls of this stairway that leads to an underground prison-like place. As the souls walk down this narrow stairway, they cut and wound themselves more against each and every hot metal rod, and with its sharpness, it tears and pierces their flesh, and each and every part of their bodies is wounded with the wounds of sin. Since the souls rejected Jesus in the world, they have to now bear the wounds that Jesus bore for them (Is 53:5). Once they reach down, the souls can hear loud wailing, screaming and shouting. Though this passage looked small while entering, there were millions and millions of individual cells enclosed in this underground prison. Each soul is now thrown into its individual cell which was prepared for it (Mt 18:30,34). The souls are now separated from the crowd and are alone in their enclosed interior cell.

In each enclosed cell the soul can scream, wail and shout but the other cannot hear nor see it. Inside the cell, the soul only hears absolute and complete silence and stillness of time which is actually more tormenting and noisy to the soul. It hears its own spiritual shout of repentance and hopelessness from its body and begs for forgiveness. Outside the cells you can hear the collective screams and shouts of both their physical and spiritual pain. This sound of torment of the souls is a delight for Satan, who hated these souls all along because they held the Holy Spirit once, and were created and loved by God (Jn 1:3, 1 Cor 6: 19-20). The souls are kept in isolation in their individual cells in the stillness of time in eternity. They are first tormented spiritually in silence first where their minds are in pain, there is no sleep and rest for the souls, and they are tired, weary, abandoned, hopeless and constantly restless. The souls seek to die and try to die but their efforts are in vain as there is no more death. After a time of emotional torment, their physical torments begin again in their cells.

There were many rat-like, dog-like, and other animal and bird-like creatures in this underground prison. Though they looked similar to creatures, they were actually evil spirits disguised into various creature-like forms. There were also electric and barbed wires, hot rods, cutters and plucker-like things which these creatures-like spirits had with them. Each one of these spirits in the disguise of a wild creature enters into an individual cell at a time and torments and hurts the lone soul timelessly. When one of these creatures-like spirit leaves a cell, the next creature enters. Here, there is eternal torture and punishment for the souls [Mt 25:46(a)].

The souls from the line of lust of the flesh are tormented and punished so much by the areas of lust it sinned that now the soul hates lust itself, it is truly repentant now, but its repentance here is of no use as its punishments are unending. The souls from the line of lust of the eyes are similarly castigated and punished by the areas they sinned that the souls do not desire anything but freedom. They do not see anything else but an eternity of this darkness and suffering.

They truly repent but to no avail. The souls from the line of pride of life are tormented in such a way here that all their pride has fallen and they are brought down to such a humble and desperate state in need of help. The souls that disbelieved God now actually believe only in Him, and the souls that rejected God and hated Him, now cry out for Him. In all humility and desperation they cry for help but there is none for their rescue (Heb 12:17).

Yet, with all of these extreme physical tortures, torments and anguish of the souls in hell, it still seemed that their spiritual anguish and agony was greater. The more the pain, Satan who wanted to be like God and without power of creation, enjoyed his feast more and seemed to drive more power in his Kingdom, because he has gained his ownership and dominion of these souls who were once God’s (Jn 10:10). All this still seemed as just a day in timeless eternal Hell. This duplicates and reoccurs each time. There is no return from this Eternal Damnation for the souls there.

This is the part of Eternal Hell that God chose to show me to share and to pray for the conversion of souls, that His chosen souls may not end up there.

As Jesus tells us, his disciples, the Truth;

Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? Or what can one give in exchange for his soul? [Mt 16:24(b)-26].

For it is far better for us to die to ourselves and our desires and passions; and endure the temporary sufferings patiently with the grace, strength and peace that God himself bestows on us during this time on temporal earth, than to go through an eternity of suffering without God in Hell.

Therefore, repent and be converted, that your sins may be wiped away (Acts 3:19)

Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it – (Mt 7:13).

Gloria Crosby
Gloria Crosby

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