Why choose God?


We are by nature seekers. What we seek after, depends on what we consider worthwhile. In all of this seeking, our journey can end up becoming highly selfish. It is truly in Jesus, that we find fulfillment of our every desire.

This truth of fulfillment in Jesus,  became a reality for me, only when the world stopped making sense. Going after success and money and a watered down spirituality that contained so much dirt that it did not cleanse me, left me looking for meaning and finding none in the world. All the answers that the world had given me was based on sin and selfishness. I was longing for true freedom and I had no clue how to get it.

It was in surrender, and acceptance of the forgiveness of Jesus, that Jesus found me. When I gave up my thought process, and allowed Jesus to restore me, was when life had new meaning.

Isaiah 41:10 where Jesus says , do not be afraid, began to bring hope and happiness and peace within my heart and with my surroundings. I began to taste success as per God’s will, in my life, relationships, studies, work and perspective. Forgiveness became easy because of Jesus, and that resulted in many relationships in my life being healed. I did not have to listen to the hopelessness that the world had to offer. There was no more hopelessness, because Jesus became my hope. Following Jesus became a lifestyle, a practical solution to all the problems of my life and the source of life for me.

I want to invite us to make this child-like decision to surrender to Jesus every day, allowing God to usher in a new life, a new hope and a new Godly eternal perspective in our hearts.

Gloria Crosby
Gloria Crosby

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