Jesus is Coming Soon


According to the Bible, we live in interesting times. When God created Earth, He promised us man and woman in His own image and likeness. His plan was to reign over the Heavens, and the Earth was to be dominated by humans who are in His own image and likeness. We know sin entered the world through their disobedience. Adam and Eve were thrown out of Garden of Eden. The population increased along with sin.

God saved only Noah’s family,  when he destroyed the human race on the Earth. Noah’s family took over the earth. Following this, came Abraham, a man of faith. He was very close to God. In faith, who offered his son Isaac to God as a sacrifice, as per God’s instructions. God was pleased with his faith and promised him a generation as countless as the stars in the sky and the sand by the sea. This promise of God is getting fulfilled in the days to come.

The stars symbolize the members of the Body of Christ and the sand, members of Israel. Today we are in that time and we are here to fulfill His master plan. We have six thousand years of history from Adam and Eve. One day is equivalent to one thousand years. God said that on the sixth day, he created human beings. On the seventh day He took rest. God says in the book of Revelation that after His second coming, we will have one thousand years of peace. We are in the middle of this great event. St. Paul says in his letters that the believers in Jesus will be caught up in midair. He says that with the sound of an archangel, the dead in Christ and the people who are alive in Christ will be raised with a Christ like body . We will meet in Heaven and then a marriage between the church as bride and Christ as the bridegroom, will take place. What a triumphant, glorious future beckons us.

We, who believe in Christ, will live with Christ for eternity.

Then Christ will come down in Glory and war will take place between Lucifer and his kingdom, and Jesus and His angels. Satan and his fallen angels will be bound  for one thousand years before the Final judgment. For one thousand years, Christ will rule the Earth. In the final judgement, the Bible says Satan and his angels will be thrown into a lake of fire. Those whose name is not mentioned in the Book of Life will also be thrown into the lake of fire. It is written in Gods word, and what God has written will always come to pass!

We all are going to live in the New Jerusalem! Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus Come!

Gloria Crosby
Gloria Crosby

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