Daily Intercession – Online

The Bread of Life prayer group is a dedicated community that gathers virtually every day at 3 pm to engage in collective prayer. Our focus is to intercede, which means we pray earnestly on behalf of others, addressing the various needs within our group as well as those of the broader world. This is a time of spiritual solidarity, where we join forces in faith to seek guidance, support, and intervention in our lives and in global matters.

Everyone is welcome to join us in this daily commitment to compassion and prayer. Your presence can strengthen our collective voice as we stand in the gap for our brothers and sisters. Please consider this your personal invitation to become a part of this daily intercession.

Event Details

Start Date : 2024-05-21

End Date : 2024-05-21

Time : 3 pm

More About Event : Join Online Intercession

Event Venue

Venue : Zoom