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Anita Poly

Praise God!
I’d had a neck pain that had lasted for a week and a back pain that lasted a day or two. A few days ago, during intercession, one of the brothers spoke a message of healing from the Lord – healing of both neck and back pain. I claimed it and as I thanked the Lord for His healing, I noticed that I was instantly healed.
I am gladly testifying to the power of our Lord Jesus today.



Praise Jesus!
The Lord has done so many wonders in my life and has blessed me with so many things. For the gift of a home that’s very close to a church, for my 68-year old aunt who got a job, for the gift of a great turnaround at work, for the blessing of the Bread of Life prayer group and the counsel, support, and guidance I receive through this group, and for God coming after me, even when I didn’t know it, I thank God.
All praise and glory be to Him alone.


Merlyn Fernandes

Praise the Lord!
On May 19, I developed a fever, and immediately isolated myself from my other family members. By God’s grace, with the help of my family doctor and the volunteers of the Bangalore Archdiocese, I was able to get medical aid and was put on medicines immediately. On the 3rd day, I tested positive for COVID-19. I reached out to the Bread of Life core group for prayers, and they walked with me and my family during this time. I periodically met with my doctor virtually, and before the course of medicines were over, I was already on the path of recovery! I tested negative on June 12th.
My doctor said that I’d had a mild infection, because I’d received my first vaccine shot. But, I know that I was saved only because of Jesus. Those days of isolation have humbled me and have brought me closer to the Lord.
All thanks and glory to Jesus for healing me and for protecting my family.



I have had to take tablets to manage my menstrual pain for 20 years. Despite my pain, I participated in intercession and there was a prophecy about God healing some women of their monthly pain. I claimed this healing. The next month, I did not have any pain!
All glory and praise to God alone.


Rushwin Cardoza

Praise Jesus!

Through God’s Word shared in the online Thursday meetings and the Saturday youth meetings, I received the grace to give up certain social media to which I was attached. My prayer-life has improved, my love for God has increased, and I am more sensitive to sin.

During the lockdown, the Lord has provided for my family in many ways. He has also healed multiple family members from fever.

My teacher’s parents had tested positive for COVID-19 and were hospitalized. We had been praying for them and, by God’s grace, her mother was discharged from the hospital and her father, although still critical, has tested negative for COVID-19 now.

My aunt Traudal Pereira and my uncle tested positive for COVID-19. By God’s grace, she was discharged from the hospital, and my uncle is on the road to recovery.

A friend of mine tested positive for COVID-19, and by God’s grace, is fine today.

These are only the blessings that I have seen. I believe that the Lord has done and is doing so much more.

Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven – Matthew 10:32

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